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Student Services


Café and Food Services

A number of restaurants are located within walking distance from the school.


Fax and Telephone Services

Fax machines for students’ personal use are generally not available. However, when necessary to address unusual and urgent circumstances, students may be allowed to send or receive faxes via the school’s office fax machine.



Parking is available within the complex. Students are encouraged to take necessary precautions in safeguarding their vehicles. The school is not responsible for any vehicle damage or lost/stolen items. Students must park in designated parking spaces and adhere to regulations regarding handicapped and special parking.


Placement and Employment Opportunities

Due to the high-demand for qualified allied health workers/health care providers, students who successfully complete the program/course of their choice, perform successfully in their clinical requirements, and pass their licensing exams typically find immediate employment by applying directly to any health care facility. The students can also check on the school’s bulletin board for job opportunities.


Student Records Access and Disclosure

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 require that institutions maintain the confidentiality of student education records and permit students to inspect and review their records.  Avid CNA  School  accords all the rights under the law to all students who have registered in courses or programs at the school. A student must submit a request in writing to review any education records. A student will have up to 90 days from the date of the written request to view these records. An appointment must be made; walk-ins will not be entertained. Students may request photocopies of educational records through a written and signed request. A copy fee may apply.


The school may disclose a student’s education record (attendance, grades, financial aid and admissions) and corresponding personally identifiable information without the student’s consent in the following circumstances:

  1. - within the administration of Avid CNA  School  including faculty, as it relates to the educational interests of the student;

  2. - to another school (post-secondary or otherwise), where the student seeks admission or intends to transfer; or  to state and federal agencies such as the local authorities, department of education, department of health and department of homeland security.


If a student’s record is disclosed to any party above, a record of disclosure will be noted in the student’s file via signed transcript requests or via a notation in the student’s file outlining the request.


Job Fair for Graduating Student

Avid CNA  School  will facilitate a Job Fair for students approximately 15 days before graduation. Representatives from home healthcare and in-home care agencies will conduct a job fair. Healthcare facilities are invited to send their representatives in order to recruit students to be placed in any of the respective company’s open positions. Most of the graduates will provide services either in patient’s homes or long term care facilities.  Counselors conducting in-service for resume writing and job interview skills are also available for this event.


Tutorial Services

Students who are not able to maintain a pass rate of 79% in any of the given exams are required to meet with the designated instructors for academic assistance. A written warning will be issued and a plan of action will be created to ensure students’ success. 

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