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Grading Scale and Standards

The following grading guidelines will apply:


  Letter                  Percentage              GPA

  A                      93-100%                4.00

  B                      86-92%                 3.00

  C                      79-85%                 2.00

  F                      below 79%              1.00


Student must achieve at least a grade of “C” (79%) or higher in order to graduate from the course.


The Program Coordinator  have the right to require additional course work as needed to ensure that each student has the readiness to take the state  competency exam and to practice safely.  A fee of  $40/hour  to cover additional  tutorial hours as needed maybe required as needed.  

Clinical Practice Expectations

  • Students will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

  • Students are expected to analyze their own strengths, weaknesses and performances.

  • Students must bring their written self-evaluation to the scheduled conference with the clinical instructor.

  • Evaluation conferences are held at least twice during the program.

  • Both student and the faculty will sign the evaluation at the end of the conference.

  • The student and instructor’s signature indicates that the conference has been held.

  • Students are expected to read the evaluation tool at the beginning of each course.

  • A student may be dismissed from the clinical site at any time if the student’s performance is determined to be detrimental to the patient’s well-being and safety.


*Note – Students must receive a (pass) in the clinical component and a 79% or greater in the theory component in order to pass the course. If either component is failed, the student will be required to retake both components of the course


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