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Complaints and Grievances


A student has the right to appeal any disciplinary action taken against them. Any student of Avid CNA School who believes he/she has been offended by a violation shall have the right to file a written complaint within thirty days (30) of the alleged violation.  The following process should be followed:


  1. Submit the written grievance to the Program Coordinator

  2. The Program Coordinator shall provide written acknowledge to the grievant within 10 working days after the receipt of the complaint. 

  3. The Program Coordinator shall notify and submit in writing a copy of the grievance to any significant administrative personnel.

  4. The Program Coordinator shall issue a written finding as to whether there is a need to proceed to the grievance process or a resolution of the concern has occurred. 

  5. A meeting will be scheduled with the grievant and Program Coordinator, Faculty or other significant administrative personnel.

  6. The outcome of the meeting/hearing will be forwarded in writing to the grievant within 10 working days.

  7. The action of resolve will be implemented.

  8. Program Coordinator will maintain a written record of all student complaints as well as the resolution to the issues.


Any student who has been notified of their separation from the school has the right to appeal their separation. Complaints against the school may be registered with the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


Illinois Board of Higher Education

1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza

Suite 333

Springfield, Illinois  62701-1394   

Complaint Call Line: (217) 557-7359


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